Saturday, June 26, 2010

We will NEVER surrender to your evil, Obama!

Wow, let's see. I haven't been able to update for a little while and yet so much has occurred that I literally can't post links to all of them.

Where to begin?

By this point it's become common knowledge that well over half of our country is upset with Congress and what the Democrats have done in it, and by this point so many newspaper articles reporting so many different stories about it have flooded us so rapidly that I simply can no longer link to them all, and the riverflow of stories showing support for the people of America and the Tea Party, which (contrary to what the mainstream press so desperately wants you to believe) includes Democrats, Republicans, AND Independants -- in other words, the Tea Party represents The American People, plain and simple -- continues to grow larger and stronger by the moment as the good people of the United States demand their country back.

Meanwhile, Democrats are shaking in their boots.

Obama is going berserk trying to ram as much of his socialist junk down our throats as he can before November, and now he's getting ready to pass a NEW abomination against us which will allow the government to singlehandedly take over ANY business that is deemed "in serious trouble", thus ever expanding our now suddenly evergrowing government even further.

And because he's so pissed at the Internet because people like me are saying the truth about him and against him despite what the liberal media dutifully broadcasts for him and wants us to believe, he has now even said that he now wants governmental control over the Internet as well.

Screw you, Obama.

I know full well that you consider people like me The Enemy, just as you've always seen The United States as The Enemy. I know how much you love destroying this country and weakening it. 

And you think you're going to be able to get away with it?

We will NEVER BOW DOWN TO YOU. You think you'll force me to follow you? FORGET IT.

You're going to have to KILL me to shut me up, Obama, because I will never, I repeat, NEVER obey you and your demonically evil liberal crowd.

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