Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama is a worldwide laughing stock and a spectacular failure.

So Obama returns from a weekend in which he tells all the world leaders all the usual trash he spouts about what he's doing, about how he's going to lead us all into a wonderful worldwide community, you know how it is in his head, government in charge, one world currency and all that shebang -- the stuff of the antichrist, in other words -- and how all the countries should get together and do (under his guidance, natch) a so-called "global stimulus". And they all slap him down. "We're not going along with this trash, dude", they all tell him. "This is ridiculous. Knock it off, especially with all the huge spending. You're being ridiculous, and we'll all be ruined along with you."

Well, hey, they oughta know. These people have got at least a half a century on us regarding experience with this sort of thing, and now they're giving up socialism because they've reached the point of no return, they have no choice now. The last thing they want or need is for The United States to sink along with them.

But Obama goes on and on with how no country should have an advantage over another, which is of course why he's doing everything to drown us in pork and overwhelm our country. He wants us in the same state as them, he argues. That, of course, makes one world government easier to achieve.

They're basic response.

"You're nuts."

Well of course that's not exactly what they said, but they sure as anything implied it. You're nuts, Ears. You're screwy, balmy, bats in the belfry, pick your adjective. I'll pick my personal fave from a favorite Sheila E. album: "Koo Koo".

And when Obama left, he was, uh, to quote another fave of mine, Led Zeppelin, "Dazed & Confused". His attitude was, "HUH? Why aren't they listening to me? There were even socialist country reps there, they were all supposed to listen to me and applaud and understand what I'm saying and doing! I'm OBAMA, for cryin' out loud! I'm the one who's always right, I'm the one who knows everything, I'm The Chosen One, just like Neo in The Matrix! Why didn't they listen to me?"

Meanwhile, his liberal supporters are more miserable than ever because they're all seeing themselves that this just simply isn't working. Even The New York Times reported on this just this morning. Everything has gotten nothing but worse and worse under this idiot. He and his delusions of leading us all in a Socialist Utopia. He is an absolute, utter failure. A misfit. A mistake. A jerk.

There is actually a piece that went up yesterday on Rush Limabugh's site that ends up describing the exact situation, so I've enclosed a link on it embedded within this post's title, it very much reflects my own feelings.

My own personal feeling on Limbaugh? Well, I've never been a "fan" of his per se, as I've never liked the sarcastic and snarky way he presents himself. He's made some excellent points, but I never liked the way he presented them. (I also was not happy at all with his snarky comments regarding Michael Jackson, which have now (finally) been proven to be false), However, in this case, we need a strong, angry, even sarcastic voice defending our heart and its Constitution in public, and I very much appreciate his outspoken efforts. He's got it absolutely right, and that's why I encourage people to check out what he's saying regardless of whatever their personal opinion of the man may happen to be.

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