Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let Michelle Antoinette eat her powdered wig!

As if anyone out there needed any more convincing of the Obamas' selfishness. Michelle goes on a wildly flashy outing on OUR DIME... but hey, so what else is new? How many vacations have the Obamas taken by now?
This is absolutely ridiculous folks, and the whole world knows it. Across the Atlantic alone, for example, the European press has been showing the tendency to report honestly this and many other such scandalous atrocities committed by the Obamas -- facts that the mainstream media here have been doing all they can to bury someplace and forget.
But the mainstream media here in the United States is losing very badly; people, sick and tired of their worshipful pro-liberal propaganda, have been tuning out. And the media has been in a wild panic as November creeps up about not just that, but about their increasing lacking ability to defend the Obama administration as Obama and his flunkies continue to publicly reveal their true faces day by day.