Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama's plan?

There are a lot of people who ask with genuine concern and amazement, "Why on earth is Obama going so berserk with all this stupid spending and being so tax happy?"

Well, many understandably believe that the man is quite simply inexperienced and a bungling nincompoop. And, of course, that is very highly possible.

But let me put it to you this way: either Obama is an idiot or an extremely shrewd evil.

I say this due to an all-too-real possibility; only God knows the guy's heart and soul, but the posssilities regarding why he is going so berserk with all this spending and taxing are far, far darker than merely not knowing what he is doing. 

Obama may in fact know precisely what he's doing. 

Think about it. He has continued to pursue this madness despite an uncountable number of people advising, begging, demanding and pleading with him not to because of the obvious fact that to do so would bring unfathomable amounts of debt upon our country and quite possibly tip The United States into utter bankruptcy.

Could he possibly want that?

The new health care bill says in it that if a company deemed "useful" by the government reaches the point of bankruptcy that they have the right to seize that company, fire the people in charge and put it entirely under governmental control just like what has already happened with General Motors.

Imagine if you will the nightmare scenario of all this added debt forcing all of our most important companies one by one into ruin to the point of bankruptcy... and the goverment seizes its chance... and rushes in to "rescue" them one by one... and eventually each and every single one of our companies is completely controlled. Those takeovers would happen, they would be inevitable, and possibly even be followed by such actions as the goverment "saving" people from their mortgages by taking over and owning their homes and property. Remember, we have just seen for ourselves with our own eyes that neither the law nor our beloved Constitution will stop these people from assaulting us against our will, and that allowing them to get away with such a terrifying act today will only lead to an even more outrageous act tomorrow.

If I were Obama, and if I wanted to cripple the United States so that it would be ripe for a socialist takeover, this is the path I would take.

And it is this reason why it is so very important for every American to stand up to him right now and defend our hard-earned freedom.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

S.O.S.! (Click this title for sample information)


I started writing the following on March 21 and am currently updating it daily as events have unfolded.

Up until that day, I had temporarily set aside for the time being my usual "large statement" material I've always felt led to create from time to time in the past in favor of much lighter material in order to take a sort of "artistic vacation" and kick back, relax and simply try to enjoy creating without pressure or consequence.

That all changed upon the night of that fateful "bloody Sunday", as some out there have chosen to nickname it.

On that date, which will go down in history as Congress's darkest and most disgraceful hour, the Democratic majority of Congress shocked the country by completely ignoring the explicitly expressed will of the people and arrogantly forcing into law anyway by every underhanded ability at their disposal a notoriously huge bill that has shredded our Constitution by beginning a completely unwanted and undesirable transformation of our beloved country into European-style socialism, thus proving once and for all that Congress is no longer looking out for our best interest and could no longer care less about "We The People".

Breaking his self-stated promise that he would allow the bill to be made available on the Internet for reading by the public five days before signing it into law, Obama stubbornly insisted upon immediately signing all of this nonsense into law approximately 34 hours after its forced passing, most likely because he wanted to get it done before The Supreme Court ruled it entirely unconstitutional, which it is.

We were not listened to in the least despite the fact that the majority have stated loud and clear that we did NOT want this form of governmental control. We weren't even given the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The arrogance and overall lust for power in this situation by our current Congress is appalling.  I watched the debacle unfold on live television as it occured that evening, and it was the most juvenile and ridiculously unprofessional action in Congress I have ever seen in my life.  The Democrats did not act or behave in the least like responsible professionals.  Instead, they whooped, catcalled and behaved like a spoiled silver-spoon-mouthed college clique at a pep rally. The only things missing were the cheerleaders and the pom-poms.

To make matters even worse, it was eventually discovered a day after the bill's signing that the Democrats and even Obama himself did not even bother to read the bill that they themselves were going so completely crazy promoting, and they are shouting down every attempt and suggestion made to better it and make it appropriate for a law to be enforced by The United States of America.

As has been pointed out right from the beginning, this bill is not at all about improving health care or making it more affordable (in fact, it will only be worse). It is about control, plain and simple. Effective as soon as this bill begins, important protective elements of the constitution will have been destroyed.

This is not about democrats vs. republicans, nor about anything else so trivial as the mainstream liberal press would love to have you believe. This is about people vs. Congress.

I have been spending all my free time preparing this little page as well as attending various peaceful rallies filled with people from all walks of life showing their patriotism, and I have been doing so to the point of personal physical and emotional exhaustion, doing all I can to do my part to help take a stand against this vicious attack on our liberty.

Incidentally, I can also say with the upmost confidence that these rallies are easily the most peaceful and productive ones I've ever been to, and believe me, I have been to many protest rallies over the course of my lifetime.

Congress has proven that it can no longer be trusted and couldn't care less about The Constitution. And that means that, unless the November polls change anything (which I personally doubt they will, as Congress has shown us that they no longer care about polls and can get away with bribery, arm twisting and buying votes) we could very possibly and realistically go into a new Civil War.

It will be the people of The United States trying to defend their freedom from a Congress determined to play God over us.

I think it is extremely apparent that Obama is far more evil than a lot of people realize, or want to realize. But we CAN do something about it, and as of this writing it can still be done in the representation of peace, love, freedom and liberty without any bloodshed or firing a single shot. It's called voting.

Go to the polls and vote. We've got to get these control freaks out of Congress. We have the power, and WE CAN DO IT! The American Dream is not dead. Voting this November may not only be the most important thing you'll do this year, it may also be the most important voting period in history.