Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Day Our Freedom Died

Ladies and gentlemen, last Thursday was easily the most destructive day to our nation. I could barely contain my outrage on that moment that happened just as I was busy preparing for work that morning; I could only just now find any words at all to say about this appalling travesty.

A huge gaping hole has just been torn into our Constitution for the first time in the existence of The United States of America. Exactly as Obama and his fellow thugs wanted. Idiot so-called "Justice" Roberts took it upon himself to listen to the media, despite the fact that judges normally instruct jurors to not do so, and decided that this was his moment to pull a Lady Gaga "Look at ME!" moment so that he could be adored by the mainstream press. He actually changed his vote and ruled that the obviously unconstitutional Obamacare bill was supposedly "constitutional" with a stretch so ridiculous that even democrats found it appalling, and in the process he has now given our government for the first time the power to tax us for behavior as they see fit for anything. Literally anything. And the ever-growing government is absolutely salivating over it.

And then, just to make things even more ridiculous, word got out that (a) apparently Roberts was so desperate to not be alone in this that he "twisted Justice Kennedy's arm" in a desperate attempt to get him to also change his mind so that he wouldn't be the only one, and then (b) ran away to an "impregnable fortress" to temporarily escape the rage he knew would be coming the second the verdict came out.

In other words, he's a complete coward.

He's officially now The New Benedict Arnold; a fool who obviously needs to resign from his position. A complete, utter failure and traitor, one who is obviously afraid of the press and has placed the Supreme Court entirely within the media's hands, just as they always wanted it to be. The Supreme Court has now been thoroughly tarnished. His actions also explain he behavior regarding the Arizona rulings, as that poor state is now completely falling apart for Obama's selfishly political, lying reasons.

So it's now a "tax" simply because he SAYS it is? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO "TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION"?

Our country is now back in the exact same situations that begat the Constitution in the beginning, and all because of certain spoiled individuals who never appreciated the freedom they had in the first place, much less those of their fellow Americans.

I don't need to go into all the well-known details on how that was what Obama wanted from the very beginning. We all know that. What is important is that we need to take our country back. My fellow Tea Party activists have already prepared protests for today, our Independence Day.

Even some democrats are enraged by this, and of course we know the establishment Republicans simply couldn't care less.

We have no one else to fall back on to help us now. It's entirely up to us and us alone. Let's stand together as a nation and prove that WE WILL NOT BE DOMINATED. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. WE WILL PREVAIL. WE MUST.

Please help us. Get involved at your local City Hall, on the web, use your abilities to protest this, get the word out. Get involved with your local Tea Party branch. HELP US TAKE BACK OUR BELOVED NATION.

Do it for your future, your children's, and their own. We must do it, and do it now. Once madness is embraced, it has no end. MAKE THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY COUNT. You can start here.

May God have mercy on us all.