Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sarah Palin on Twitter

Sarah Palin said via Twitter that the press accused her of comparing Obama to Hitler. She immediately corrected them, remarking that she had never said such a thing, adding to the press, "Stop making things up."

It reminds me of the scene from the movie Adventures In Babysitting when in the restaurant the babysitter chick accidentally discovers her twotiming boyfriend out with another girl behind her back. One of the kids who's with her tells the jerk that he'd love to punch his lights out but because the creep is so slimey he himself simply cannot sink to that same level. Then, after a pause, another one of the kids cheerfully remarks in a calm voice "I can" before immediately sending the jerk flying across the tables.

I say this because I responded to Palin's post telling her, "I believe you, Ms. Palin! If it were possible I'd love to take the blame of that 'Hitler comparing' accusation from the press for you, because I have."

I have and still do.

I was remarking right from the very beginning during the campaign that Obama was saying and doing the exact same things that Hitler did in his quest to win over and conquer Germany, and he's STILL doing them. I'm not the only one to have noticed this, either. Just a couple of days ago a press article asked the question, "Is The United States on the slippery slope to tyranny?" The obvious answer to this: of course it is.

Obama clearly believes that he is a dictatorship. He loves power, and he's seizing more and more of it by the day, and our government is getting bigger and bigger as a result, going completely against the American people! He has singlehandedly caused more damage to this country in a year and a half than anyone else in history, as not even our enemies in wars have done this much damage to us as a nation.

And he's enjoying every minute of it.

So yes, I would LOVE to take that accusation from the press for Palin because she may not have said it, but hey, but I have. Several times over. And I'm proud I do. Obama has all the makings of a new Hitler. And he deserves both impeachment and imprisonment.

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