Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obama The Spoiled

So Obama has a huge hissy fit over a gossipy Rolling Stone article interviewing Gen. McChrystal and cans him.

Obama says he "accepted his resignation".

Yeah, right. Uh-huh.


Like I REALLY believe McChrystal offered his resignation. He was fired, plain and simple. I knew from the moment this guy was summoned to the White House that he was toast.

That's because Obama is the most cold, selfish, inconsiderate, calculating, spoiled, bossy, whiny and overall thin-skinned brat we've ever had the misfortune of having inhabit our White House seat. Yes, the Rolling Stone article was unprofessional. But a real president would have basically just gotten after him and then told him to get back to work. Not so with General Zod in the Oval Office.

It is interesting isn't it, how Obama shares these exact same characteristics with history's most notorious dictators, inhuman monsters such as Caligula and, of course, Hitler.

Obama The Spoiled.

That's how he should be remembered in the history books.

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