Wednesday, April 7, 2010

YouTube clipping of leftist protestors burning the American flag!

While I was preparing an entry for this blog the news just happened to announce that they were going to show a protest clip that the mainstream media was deliberately not broadcasting, so I grabbed my phone as quick as I could to try and record it.

Please excuse the fact that the sound is a bit quiet, it had happened so fast and my television had already seemed fairly loud, I had no idea that my phone would have a trickier time picking up broadcasted sound as opposed to real ones. But I did the best I could.

This clipping is a real eye-opener: at the exact same time that the Tea Party was demonstrating by marching and waving flags (and the liberals were lying and trying to accuse them of all sorts of stupid acts, all without proof), here are anti-tea party protestors flat out BURNING OUR FLAG and, as is pointed out in this footage, the mainstream media refuses to show it because it makes their side look bad.

Click on this entry's title to check it out.

NOTE: I've decided upon posting this to YouTube to go ahead and leave it open for user comments. However, due to the nature of some of the anti-tea party comments left on YouTube clips by nutjob leftists, I'm pretty positive that some of the remarks left in response to my clip may, unfortunately, not be appropriate for all readers. Please take note that I am not responsible for whatever rude language or snide remarks may be left in it's response by others. Therefore, descretion is advised.

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