Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stupidity is its own reward!


You'll have to excuse me, folks, this news I got last night is so utterly hilarious that I just haven't been able to stop laughing over it!

Just when you thought you might have seen enough stupid things in this dumb bill worth ripping to shreds, along cones the most hysterical news of all.

Are you ready for this?

Get this: it turns out that the health care bill that the Congress Democrats rushed so stubbornly through •kills their own special Congress health care plan!• So they'll now have to go on the exact same health care plan as everybody else! And they didn't know it was in the bill until AFTER it's now signed into law!

GEEZ, I just can't stop laughing over this!

This whole debacle is just making the Democrats look more and more stupid by the minute! And we thought Benedict Arnold Stupak was a joke? He's nothing compared to this!

Okay, so this now singlehandedly proves that not only is Obama a socialist, but that he's also a completely incompetent idiot as well! He's like a bungling idiot villan out of an old Walt Disney movie. This is just hilarious!

You've GOT to click this entry's title and read all about it, it's hilarious just desserts!

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