Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now THIS is just flat out disgusting.

This is something which is just so flat out disgusting that it makes me furious.

You know how all the liberals have been trying to accuse patriotic Americans of saying all sorts of insults immediately after the ruling of this health care nonsense when they themselves have absolutely no proof for it despite their having videocameras at the time which would have captured any such actions and words for the record?

Well, they're ones to talk.

All sorts of obnoxious insults are now being hurled by they themselves at members of the tea party who want to help defend and protect our country simply because those tea party members are BLACK!

Just click on this entry's title above and you'll see what I mean.

This is just flat out SICK. The liberals all whine and play victim accusing patriotic Americans of insulting them without even having any proof, and yet what do they do? They turn around and use all sorts of obnoxious insults themselves, targeting good people who just want to help protect YOUR RIGHTS as an American!

It doesn't matter what Obama happens to look like, that is completely irrelevant. Fascism is fascism, and telling these wonderful patriots that they should be automatically backing Obama simply because he is black is flat out RACISM. Of the WORST KIND.

I probably shouldn't be using caps above, but seriously, that really disgusts me that those liberals are so hypocritical, not to mention so below the belt.

Well, I for one applaud those good tea party members, whoever they may be, for helping to stand up for the United States. And I sure hope you do, too. :)

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