Saturday, November 13, 2010

Obama is racist; just look at what he assumes of Latin-Americans!

Obama is both racist and far worse; here is a man who clearly believes that anybody and everybody is "below" him and for his personal usage.

For proof, just look at how he treats our Latin-American brothers and sisters.

Here's a sample. A while back, it was stated in newspapers that the White House was really pushing for Puerto Rico to become an official state of the union. Their reason for hoping this is because they stated that they needed "fresh votes".

Now, the good people of Puerto Rico do indeed get the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they would like to keep things as they are or if they would like to become a state of the union; they fulfill all the government requirements to do so, and if they decide to do it, then great, fantastic, we'll be happy to have them of course!


Obama and his regime are assuming that they will all immediately vote for and support him simply because they are Latin-American. We have already seen all the evidence that he views them as being mere layabouts who simply come to our country for free handouts and entitlements; in other words, he believes a deeply prejudiced stereotype.

However, what he and his cronies don't appear to realize in their blind arrogance is that the good people of Puerto Rico happen to have a strongly conservative, traditional, family-oriented base. These are good, lawful folks, ones who have been wonderful friends to us and fantastic hosts whenever we visit them. To say and assume such things of these people is an awful slap in their collective faces.

It just makes me so sick.

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