Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An unbelievably disturbing online statement...

After having excellent reason to celebrate the biggest political turnaround in American history this November 4, I decided to go take a look at Rush Limbaugh's site out of sheer curiosity this past Monday just to see if he had any particularly long rants regarding the current denial and stubbornness of the Congress elite: you know, big statements about Pelosi's insistance on not stepping away, something like that.

Well, he certainly did post a big statement regarding the situation -- but not at all in the way I had expected. Instead, he made an incredibly acute observation that was downright creepy to read. And the reason why it's so disturbing is not just its subject matter, but the fact that it feels very real and makes perfect sense (as always, click the title above to read it for yourself).

Before I continue with my own observations on it, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not in the least applauding the following possibility that I am about to discuss, as I will explain. I am simply making a statement regarding it, as I found all this extremely frightening.

In this articule, Limbaugh has revealed that a group of White House Democrats -- "anonymously", of course -- went to Politico Magazine, a publication strongly known as a source for "anonymous" Democrats to go to whenever they want to stir up trouble for Republicans, and specifically did all they could to paint Obama in a negative light while he is currently out of the country. They also were basically saying to the magazine that they believe him to be not only completely unsuitable and unreliable for the job, but even certifiably crazy as well. The magazine actually emphasizes, as though it were a well-known fact stated openly for a long time, Obama's "icy relations" with the media ("Icy relations"?? After the press has been totally in bed with the guy these past two years and smooching it up to him all this time? Suddenly overnight they proclaim him "icy"?). It even features a strong statement by said anonymous Democrats that someone needs to "kick his ***".

What this basically means is that insider Democrats at the White House know perfectly well that this man is a serious problem and have tried to tried to get him to knock it off and switch things around, but after his refusal to listen they decided to go to the press and "leak" all this instead. As Limbaugh's statement explained (and it doesn't take rocket science to see this as truth; this is how political journalism works after all), this means that Politico is either being used or is helping to take some sort of stand against Obama. As Limbaugh puts it, this is "setting the table" for actions those particular Democrats could/would/might be making within the upcoming months in an attempt to bring about his downfall and stop him in his delibrately destructive tracks.

Now that's not the frightening part: more power to any Democrats who see him as a deadly problem to the survival of our country and want to take a stand. Here's what's unnerving about this piece...

Limbaugh goes on to strongly insinuate that these inside attacks against Obama may go far beyond mere slander and actually says, "This Politico story shows there is something bubbling up way below the surface and it's getting closer and closer to reaching the surface -- and if it does, I think people are gonna be shocked and stunned at what might happen."

The moment I read that, I got absolute chills. It reminded me of a post I saw somewhere on the internet just a few months ago. I wish I could currently find it again so I could share a link, but I was unable to. Basically, I found a thread of comments from people online on some board or other responding to Obama's statement of how Americans "have a lot to fear" this next year if Republicans took back the house. People were making all sorts of suggestions on what that threat could mean, and one individual had made the following statement which had made my jaw drop:

"At this point, I give Obama about a year and a half before he is either impeached or assassinated. Yes, I said assassinated. For the Democratic party is not about to let this clown drag them all down with them."

That statement flashed through my mind as I read Limbaugh's article, and I shook my head in horror at the thought: could members of the Democratic party ever become so desperate to save themselves from this man that they might even arrange a "JFK" to snuff their own elect?

I mean, I know that there doesn't really appear to be any loyalty on the Democratic side for each other, it mainly appears to be basically a clique arrangement regarding who is personally "useful" and who isn't, but seriously, that possibility is... just sick.

Look, you got a problem with the current individual sitting in the Oval Office, bring him to trial, have him impeached, whatever the process is. That is the way a situation like this should be handled. The man may have awful intentions for our country, but you should never wish that sort of thing upon anyone else, let alone attempt it. And my personal opinion is that if the Democratic party were to act so viciously and try it, then they would be only proving that they're even worse as a whole than he is.

Remember what happened to Mr. Kennedy? We don't need that sort of thing, certainly not all over again. Aren't decent people supposed to be above killing each other just to get something accomplished? This sort of current problem we have with Obama is what we have the impeachment option for.

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